Marie E. Elliott

Marie E. Elliott

Resource Coordinator

How did you come to work at the ministry?
I have been a member of Mount Soledad Presbyterian since 2004 and have been a deacon at that church. Pastor John Moser knew that I speak Spanish because I grew up in Guatemala and let me know about the job position and thought I would be a good fit because I like to interact with people from different cultures and have a heart to serve those in need. My background growing up as a Third Culture Kid helps me relate to those who are either from another country or those living here in a transition period in their lives. One of our goals here is to help people transition from homelessness to hope.

Who was a big influence in your career choice?

In addition to Pastor John Moser from Mount Soledad Presbyterian, I would say my Mother Elaine Elliott is a huge influence in my career choice. My mother worked in the Office for Community Service Learning at the University of San Diego. Her career was devoted to helping the community and setting up students to serve in various situations and opportunities like tutoring in schools and volunteering to visit people in prison. For all her hard work doing community service, my mother was awarded “Elaine Elliott Day by the County of San Diego”.

What was “your finest moment,” the thing you’re most proud of in your life?

My finest moment was graduating from the University of San Diego in the year 2000. That was the culmination of many years of studying, reading and writing papers to get my degree. My Grandmother Margaret Daly and my family were present to see me graduate from college on that day.

Is there a great client story you’d care to share?
We helped a single mom with 4 kids to get her family into a new apartment. From the donations that we had received from churches and individuals we were able to give her not only sheets for each of her family members, but cookware, dishes, silverware, glassware, and also a little red toaster. This client was very pleased to be able to outfit her new apartment and help provide and cook for her family at home. She also received a family food bag of groceries. At New Day, we are now part of the diaper program from the food bank and are able to give diapers to mothers and single moms that cannot afford them for their babies.

What attracted you to New Day Urban Ministries?
What attracted me was the fact that it is a Christ-centered ministry. I haven’t worked for a Christian organization before but had experience working in many types of law firms. This is the first job where I feel like missionary work can be done here in San Diego and that I don’t have to travel to a foreign country such as the Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico or Peru to do mission work.

What talent do you wish you had?
Mindreading (just kidding!). I wish I was better at certain sports like volleyball and a few others that I don’t have a lot of coordination for. The saving grace is that I am better at other sports.

If you had to live on a desert island, what would you miss most?
I would miss my family the most, my sister, brother and his wife, parents, nephews, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins… or could I take them with me? I would also miss my cell phone and internet if we were not allowed to take any electronics.

What’s your favorite food or meal?

I have several favorites. I love Thai food, Peruvian food and most spicy food. When I go to a Peruvian restaurant, I order Lomo Saltado, Papas a la Huancaina and Chicha Morada to drink.

What’s your favorite sports team?
I love the Padres because they are our home team, plus I enjoy going to watch the games at Petco Park with my friends and family.

What frustrates you the most?
Being the last to know something, I really prefer to be in the loop regarding any information, dates for parties, events or if something is running out/ running low, I want to be the first to know. As the resource coordinator I need to know when supplies are running out, or when events are happening to put them on my calendar and not get double-booked.

What was growing up like for you?
I grew up in Antigua, Guatemala and had the opportunity to experience two cultures. I grew up in an American home speaking English, but then spent the day learning and speaking Spanish at school with my classmates. I grew up in a small cobblestoned street town where the bakery was around the corner from my house and I could walk most places. I also had a bike and could ride my bike just outside of town to visit some friends and go horseback riding, swimming or even on trips to explore caves and parts of the rainforest.

What’s your favorite TV program? And your least favorite?
My favorite TV show is “Lost in Paradise” or “Law and Order”, I am not a fan of scary movies or TV shows.

What do you for a good time when you’re not working?
I like to swim and enjoy Aqua Zumba at the YMCA, read books and discuss them with my book club, check out new restaurants with my sister and friends, go out to the movies, collect things with butterflies on them and host potlucks.

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