Caleb Van


Caleb Van

Case Manager

How did you come to work at the ministry?

I started as a volunteer here at New Day in the clothing room. I found enjoyment in the care and respect we try to extend to our clients, and naturally found myself motivated to learn about all the aspect that were required to do casework too!

What attracted you to New Day?

With New Day Urban Ministries, we are able to offer a lot of the first steps to helping resolve the issues that might come as a result of homelessness. By being able to provide IDs and birth certificates, we can help our clients establish their identity and start receiving SSI. By providing clothing, we can help solve the main issue of weather that the homelessness face right now. These services are vital to helping people get on their feet. I’m happy to be part of a team doing our best to provide.

What do you for a good time when you’re not working?

I love food. I had a major hobby making ice cream, and just love exploring different cultures and identities through the lens of food.

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New Day Urban Ministries is one of only two ministries common to the entire Presbytery of San Diego, which consists of 32 churches in the region. However, volunteers and financial contributions come from many denominations and sources.