Office Manager / Director's Assistant

How did you come to work at the ministry?

I started volunteering at New Day in 2018 as a caseworker. After several years, the office manager at that time put in her two week notice. Being proficient with computers, customer service and administrative tasks, I offered to take on some of the responsibilities around the office. Raul gladly accepted this help, and I was quickly helping with all kinds of emails, processing of birth certificates, and general computers tasks. Some time went by, but the right fit for the office assistant position was not found. I did volunteer admin for about 6 months before New Day offered me the position; which I prayerfully considered and then accepted.


Our ministry has been serving those in need for over 50 years. Every year...

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Our Church Partners.

New Day Urban Ministries is one of only two ministries common to the entire Presbytery of San Diego, which consists of 32 churches in the region. However, volunteers and financial contributions come from many denominations and sources.